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Consulting Services:

Database Design & Management

InfiOp provides Database design and Management consulting for Sybase and Oracle databases. InfiOp has completed various engagements for fortune 500 companies architecting and designing their databases including capacity planning, Hardware & storage recommendation for their mission critical 24X7X365 applications.

Data Warehouse Design & Implementation

The Data Warehouse Design & Implementation consulting services are designed to assist clients prepare for, analyze, design and implement data warehouse solutions specific to the needs of their individual enterprises.

Data Warehouse Business Analysis

  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Process Analysis

Data Warehouse Architecture

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Data Distribution Analysis
  • Strategic Guidance

Data Warehouse Implementation

  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Data Warehouse Implementation
  • Performance Optimization
  • Technical Options Study

Each service may be delivered individually or in conjunction with other data warehouse specific services as mentioned above according to the needs of the client and their respective position within the development life cycle.

Software Project Management

The Software Project life cycle has four distinct stages: proposal, initiation & planning, execution, control and completion. In some cases proposal stage is not considered as part of the project.

Proposal Stage

In Proposal stage steps include: create and evaluate the opportunity, develop the proposal and close the deal by negotiating the contract.

Initiation & Planning Stage

The initiation steps include: establishing the project organization, defining project plans and planning for risks.  These are documented in the Project Management plan together with the project management controls to be implemented on the project and the project is mobilized.

Controlling Execution

This includes scope verification, Schedule control, cost control, Quality control, Risk control and managing project team and managing stakeholders’ expectation

Completion Stage

Project completion steps: acceptance, debrief and closedown.  Final project closedown may not be concluded until the end of any post-delivery warranty and support period.

IT Systems Audit

Continuous changes in technology and legislation create new exposures and requirements on organizations. InfiOp offer comprehensive IT System Audit based upon industry best practices. We make use of the Information System Audit Methodology, which has been developed in accordance with International Information Systems Audit Standards such as (ISACA) Information Systems Audit Standards and Guidelines and the Sarbanes Oxley COSO Standard.
Our auditing team consists of experts with more than 10 years experience in the field of auditing and management of information systems, and information security.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Audit

This include Testing and Inspecting the Backup System, Testing and Inspecting the IT Disaster Recovery Plan and Testing Third Party Solutions to assess whether the current disaster recovery (DR)  infrastructure meets the DR requirements of the organization.

Application Audit

Application audit and code review involves a comprehensive test on the corporate applications to check its security posture against various threats.
Code Review helps companies to test their applications and code to proactively secure the applications from various threats. Since most of the applications are web based and are online they demand a high security environment and tested environment to avoid losses.

IT Controls Audit

The key areas which are included in this type of review are Network Security, Operating System Security Configuration, Database Security, Software Change Control, System Operations, Backup/Recovery and Disaster Recovery. 

IT Security Audit

A security audit is essentially an assessment of how effectively the organization's security policy is being implemented. InfiOp’s security auditors perform their work though personal interviews, vulnerability scan, examination of operating system settings, analyses of network shares, and historical data.

IT Policy Audit

A full audit of your businesses IT systems and policies, which one, to understand exactly how technology is being used within the company and outline steps to improve that use to a) increase efficiency and b) minimize any risk to the business from a legal perspective.

Software License Audit

The software audit will assess for any deficit between software installed on your computer systems and the number of licenses (and associated proof of purchase documentation) that are held by your company. By ensuring that your business remains free of license deficits, you are able to minimize the risk of prosecution.

Enterprise IT Architecture

Organizations today require a unified, synchronized approach based on a formal IT strategy that is in line with the organization’s mission, stated business goals and key processes. This calls for constructing the enterprise frameworks, applications and solutions based on a framework that is adaptive to any changes – flexible, scalable and inter-operable; while ensuring that the existing IT infrastructure is rationalized to deliver maximum value.
The InfiOp consultants are well conversant with various Industry standard Frameworks including The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).

Enterprise Architecture Tools

Based on an Enterprise Repository that encompasses both business and IT architecture views, InfiOp provides a simple and powerful Enterprise Architecture solution for driving change within your organization by:

  • Reusing the description of your business processes, IT systems architecture, data, and all enterprise repository information.
  • Increasing efficiency through best practices management within the organization.
  • Reducing risks, through a global operational risk assessment and mitigation plan.

 The following steps may be followed based upon client requirements.

  • Workshop to identify and represent Enterprise Architecture requirement for business stakeholders
  • Identification of sample systems for study
  • Information capture using InfiOp's Enterprise Architecture assessment matrix
  • Applications study based on InfiOp's Enterprise Architecture methodology
  • Identification of Business Case parameters for Enterprise Architecture through IT systems inventory


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