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Utilities Billing System
Clinical Trial Management System
Business environment today is a world of constant change, with dynamic markets, mergers and acquisitions, business diversification, and intense competition. To achieve and sustain leadership, enterprises need to develop a superior ability to identify and respond quickly to market changes. The key lies in taking progressive steps towards developing service oriented with dynamic business change capabilities.


InfiOp’s e-learning solution enables efficient and effective development, delivery and management of courses, course content and learning outcomes. Engaging communication and collaboration capabilities enhance instruction to deliver leading edge teaching and learning. InfiOp also offers end to end design and development services for the e-learning solutions.
The few features of the solution include:
  • Manage users, roles, courses, instructors and facilities and generate reports
  • Course calendar
  • Student messaging and notifications
  • Grouping students according to demographic units
  • Assessment/testing capable of handling student pre/post testing
  • Display scores and transcripts
  • Grading of coursework
  • Web-based course delivery
Clinical Trial Management System

A Clinical Trial Management System is used by the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to manage the large amounts of data involved with the operation of a clinical trial. It maintains and manages the planning, preparation, performance, and reporting of clinical trials, with emphasis on keeping up-to-date contact information for participants and tracking deadlines and milestones such as those for regulatory approval or the issue of progress reports. Often, a clinical trial management system provides data to a business intelligence system, which acts as a digital dashboard for trial managers.

Hospital Management System

InfiOp offers design, development and consulting services for the Hospital Management Solution.

  • Patient Registration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Admission Discharge Transfer
  • Bed Management
  • Wards Management Module
  • Patient Relations
  • Operation Theater
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Clinic Specialties
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Radiology Information System
  • Pharmacy
  • Central Sterilized Supply Department
  • Blood Bank
  • Dietary
  • Housekeeping/Laundry
  • Equipment Maintenance System (EMS)
  • Healthcare Packages
  • Patient Billing
  • Insurance and Contracts Management
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Roster Management
  • Transcription
  • HRMS
  • Financial Accounting

Patient Registration module captures information of all the patients visiting the hospital and provides record of all the registered patients through a unique patient identification number.

Appointment Scheduling Module facilitates effective scheduling of appointments of patients with the doctors. This module allows doctors and nurses to view available time slots and allocate appointments accordingly.

Bed Management module allows hospital authorities to view and track the bed occupancy related operations. Bed Management governs activities like Bed Enquiry, Bed Census, and Bed Maintenance.

The Ward Management module provides the facility for Nursing or Ward Staffs to manage the floors. This module manages special units like ICU, O.T activity and tracks the services given to the patient in their respective wards.

The Doctor’s Workbench is a comprehensive patient care module that tracks the episodes of care for all patients and maintains and arranges the clinical information. Doctors record clinical information, place orders for patients, prescribe drugs to the patient and update EMR for all patient episodes using this module.

The Patient Relations module deals with the patient's needs or suggestions and endeavors to make the patients satisfied from their admission through their stay until their discharge and also post discharge care.

Nursing Workbench is a comprehensive module that provides the facility for nurses to administer and maintain thorough patient care. It works in conjunction with doctors workbench and other modules and departmental functions of the HIS. This module forms the core of the clinical and Administrative systems of the HIS.

ADT module is a part of patient management and takes care of admission, discharge and the transfer process for a patient. OT module tracks all surgeries that take place in the hospital. It helps in scheduling the theaters, surgery team, records the surgery details and all checklists associated with the surgery.

EMR or Electronic Medical Record is the central repository for holding the entire medical records of the patient. It stores data in an organized and structured manner so that a clinician or any other clinical user easily accesses clinical data based on his role, security rights and on needs basis.

Specialty modules records and maintains the patient information for particular clinical specialty. Special ties include Pediatrics, ENT and Orthopedics, etc.

The Laboratory module is a sophisticated computer data management system designed to handle a large amount of data quickly and efficiently for all Pathology Laboratory disciplines.

The Radiology module offers facility to cater to all the requirements of the Radiology Department.
The Pharmacy module caters to the drug information system, dispensing and stock control functions of the pharmacy department.

The Central Sterile Services Department's (CSSD) main function is to provide sterile items, linen, equipment to wards and OT's. The CSSD receives reusable equipment, linen from various wards and OT's for sterilization.

The Blood Bank Module caters to the management of all bloodstock, donor records and laboratory and patient related operations. It also provides for registration to test request for blood group and cross matching followed by the entry and reporting of results.

Dietary services module is designed to assist the hospital kitchen in providing appropriate meals to inpatients. This module maintains a range of user definable menu and diet types.

The Housekeeping module provides the facility to manage and monitor the housekeeping activities in a hospital. The module facilitates management of day to day housekeeping activities like patient room preparation, sweeping/mopping floors, dusting furniture, cleaning fixtures/ walls / windows / ceilings bathrooms, etc.

The Equipment Maintenance System or module handles complaint management, equipment maintenance management and keeps track of AMC of the equipments and the services offered by the vendor / manufacturer of the equipment.
Healthcare package module addresses and maintains the healthcare packages offered by the hospital. The healthcare packages are a group of procedures and services combined together and offered at discount rates to administer a specific type of patient care over a period of time.

Patient Billing and Accounting module is for billing the patient for all the services taken by him in the hospital. The patient is billed according to business rules of the hospital, which are maintained and validated from this module.

Insurance Module provides the facility to record contracts between the hospital and insurance companies and define eligibility criteria for billing the patient.

This module focuses mainly on all the administration related activities in the hospital and interacts with modules like Wards Management, Bed Management, Resource Booking, and equipment maintenance etc.

The Nursing Management or rosters module is the scheduling of working hours for the Nursing staff, which work round-the-clock. It maintains shift rotation of nurses; analyze the workload and skills of the nurses. Schedule staff training and maintain appraisal for the nurses in particular.

The Management Information System (MIS) module provides information relating to the performance of the different departments of the hospital.

Human Resource management system focuses on Personal and Payroll functions. HRMS module is primarily responsible to track and manage all the human resourcing activities with respect to the Personal and Payroll functions.

The financial Accounting module caters the entire gamut of accounting practices that is conducted in a typical hospital set up/Environment. Right from the time the patient walks in to the time the organization presents its profit and loss accounts.

Telecom Billing System

Automate, Optimize, and Simplify the Management and Delivery of Converged IP Network Services
In today's complex and dynamic business environment service providers and operators are focused on maximizing customer lifetime value, bringing high-margin products and services to market quickly, controlling the cost of service delivery, and gaining optimal visibility and control of captured revenues. Service providers and operators are demanding solutions that can quickly support current and future services, product offerings, and business models, and that leverage the entire subscriber base while delivering proven and measurable business value every step of the way.

The InfiOp Billing Engine is the core of the platform and includes five main components;

  • Service Catalog
  • Provisioning
  • Rating
  • Mediation
  • Invoicing

InfiOp Billing value-added product modules allow for rapid focused market service offerings with an agile customer-focused integrated converged platform.

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) Billing Module
  • Prepaid Voucher Billing Module
  • Inventory Management Module
  • Resource Management Module
  • Workflow Engine
  • Technical Ticket Tracking Module
  • White Branded Dealer Module
  • Bill Presentment and Reporting Module
  • End-Customer Self Service
  • EngageIP Traffic Management

Telecom Billing with InfiOp Telecom Billing is the strategic choice for service providers seeking telco grade performance and reliability by offering Prepaid Telecom and Postpaid Telecom services, billing for call usage, offer flexible call plans, and comprehensive call rates through multiple Telecom call legs to achieve maximum business efficiency.
As the demand for voice traffic increases Telcos are looking for new ways to accommodate the demand and service providers to expand their service offerings and leverage existing network resources.
Billing for Telecom services not only requires provisioning the service with a carrier/provider but also provision the service within the billing system. From Telecom service creation and classification to provisioning the service internally; importing CDRs from multiple sources and rating to billing and bill presentment (sending invoices to end customers); the InfiOp Telecom Billing system allows service providers to efficiently manage and accurately bill all aspects of end customer Telecom usage.
With its robust authentication and rating capabilities, InfiOp Telecom Billing enables Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) to make the most of their service offerings while protecting valuable revenue streams through its fraud management capabilities, leakage free CDR rating and revenue assurance functionality.
Calls are categorized as Local, Regional, National or International. Regional and National minute buckets are defined at the service level and can be individually tweaked for each phone line. The system allows for late detection and rejection of local calls, if you discover they are leaking through.

Advanced rating system is more dynamic than traditional rating tables. Providers converting their rate plans can have up to 70% fewer price points to manage and with less chance of revenue leakage. Old style LERG tables have been upgraded to a geography tree. Rates can be attached anywhere on the tree. Rates can be configured with any desired granularity, be it one rate for a country or fine tuned down to individual long distance dialing patterns.

  • Rate, provision and bill Telecom, VOD and IP bandwidth usage
  • Easily manage our highly configurable rating environment
  • Drive rating with: WTN, DID, SIP or MAC address
  • Process multiple carrier CDR formats simultaneously
  • Access all data stored within a central database
  • Programmable rating process allows for pre and post rating integration with other applications
  • Program CDR rating process: pre-rating scrubber, CDR filter and post-rating processor
  • Build rate plans with 70% fewer price points through its advanced architecture
  • Built in enhanced LERG table (geography tree)
  • Control revenue assurance with built in processes and controls
  • Handle all international mobile revenue safely
  • Leak free CDR processing with supporting statistical logs
  • Support free minute bucket discounting
  • Local call detection manages nation wide local call boundaries

Master Data Management

InfiOp provides Master Data Management consulting and solutions across an enterprise. The MDM Solution capabilities include consulting, data strategy, architecture, and implementation.
Master Data Management (MDM) enables consistent computing between diverse system architectures and business functions.


InfiOp helps organizations plan and implement RFID enabled systems across multiple business areas, including inventory management, transport systems and document tracking.

Utility Billing system

InfiOp’s utility billing solution is a state-of-the-art system that addresses a city’s or organization’s need to track and charge for a wide spectrum of utility services such as water, Sewer, Waste management.
Integrated modules of the solution include:

  • Account
  • Meter
  • Meter Reading
  • Site
  • Customer
  • Pricing and Billing
  • Adjustments
  • Delinquency
  • Code Tables
  • Reporting and Utilities

Features of the solution:

  • Multiple services at both city and account levels.
  • Search by site address, site number, customer name, account number, phone number, meter number, meter chip number, and Property Identification .
  • User-defined text with site, account, customer, and meter.
  • User-defined messages on bills, handheld meter reading devices, meter book pages, and self-read meter cards.
  • User defined data archiving.
  • Tracking of disputes and service shut-offs.


  • Print warning, penalty, and shut-off notices.
  • Multiple customers and mailing addresses.
  • Aged accounts receivable data by service.

Billing and Cash Receipts

  • Ability to run a trial billing.
  • Print closing bills real-time.
  • Automatic pro-ration.
  • Print duplicate bills for a second address.
  • Bill payment through automatic bank account deduction (ACH).
  • Multiple billing groups with user-defined billing cycle lengths.
  • Deposits refunded on the closing bill.
  • Bar code scanning of utility bills for fast cash receipt entry.


  • Interface for hand-held meter readers.
  • System generated or user-entered meter reading estimates
  • Multiple meters support on one site or account.
  • Additive and deduct meters support.
  • Print self-read meter cards and meter book pages.
  • Pre-billing Meter Reading Edit/Exception Report.
  • Interfaces to various handheld software.

Delinquency Processing

  • User-defined delinquency and penalty cycles.
  • Multiple notices and penalties allowed per cycle.
  • Track delinquent accounts for certification to taxes.
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