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Banking and Capital Market

InfiOp has expertise in Banking sector and particularly in area of Cards management, Depository/Registry services, Custodian services, Reconciliation, Retail Banking, Employee Surveillance and Internal Fraud solution, Investment Banking, Compliance and Risk Management, Corporate Banking, Wealth Management and Exchanges/Trading/Broker-Dealer InfiOp provides design services for the following modules as part of this practice.
KYC and Anti-Money Laundering, FI Insourcing, G30 Recommendations, MFID, Algorithmic Trading, Basel II, Common Loan Origination, Market Data Streaming, Straight Through Processing, SEPA and Payments, Multi channel integration


We provide state-of-the-art biological and medical data analysis and the development of new algorithms and software for data analysis and visualization in cooperation with many scientists and scientific organizations.

In the scientific arena we closely cooperate with many world class scientists and scientific organizations to develop customized data integration solutions and tools in Bioinformatics and other science intensive areas for individual researchers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and academic and government funded research institutions


Global sourcing, global product platforms and global market access are the game plan in the industry today. InfiOp with its expertise provide services across IT led business transformation, solution design, development and support, and value added services to manufacturing organizations.
InfiOp provides consulting services in areas of Finite element analysis (FEA) for linear and nonlinear structural analysis, fluid flow, solid-fluid interaction, heat conduction, flow through porous media, and coupled physical problems. These solutions are supported by the original graphical pre- and post-processors and can be coupled with adopted software which designs and generates finite elements for input data and output results. We offer the software solutions for specific applications and services for advanced numerical analysis and simulations.


InfiOp has expertise in Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy, Resources – Construction, Resources - Metals and Mining, Utilities.
We have extensive experience in the development of high-tech solutions for both state and private companies of any size. Our solutions help power companies to meet challenges in: managing electricity distribution/transmission networks, integrating different data and processes, processing electricity and gas bills and optimizing maintenance. We are ready to cover the whole work cycle by deployment of our solutions.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare organizations need for minimized medical errors, improved tracking, increased reporting safety, and compliance with quality standards, as well as to consolidate back office systems that provide real-time patient information and automate billing and claims processing activities while adhering to compliance mandates such as HIPAA.

InfiOp leverages its business and technology expertise to allow healthcare companies in improving the quality and accessibility of medical care.

The advent of the human Genome database has brought tremendous potential in health care, drug research and other related fields. InfiOp provides advance analysis in the area of genetic analysis.


Today Insurance Industry is facing consolidation, regulatory pressures, shifting demographics and shrinking margins. InfiOp with its dedicated team of experts allows organizations to build unified customer experience across diverse sales and service channels.


The convergence of applications, networks or content like voice, video, and data has become the need of today by providing single connectivity and integrated user experience.
InfiOp’s services help in understanding and addressing the challenges and opportunities brought by convergence.

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